Adventures, Horror and Mystery Book “The Revenge of the Wizard’s Ghost” By John Bellairs


What a great book. The revenge of the Wizards Witch is the type of book which will be well suited to the people who like to read horror, adventures and mystery type books.  This book is full off adventure and mystery. In this book there is a character named Johnny who is under control of an evil minded wizard who is a ghost. This ghost is behind Johnny’s life. Johnny lives with his grandparents. His 2 good friends’s who live in the neighborhood, a professor and his classmate are trying to save his life. They need to get something from the mansion of the evil ghost and his family. In order to get that they go through a lot of problems and you could read how. I will rate this book 5 star for the types of ideas, voice, and suspense it creates for the reader. It is well written and the reason is that it does not make it always obvious to tell the reader that his friend’s would succeed. Go know and take it!  By: Adnan Hussaini


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Books Are Well Informative Than the Movies (Compare and Contrast)

Johnny Termain what a book! The book is long but the movie is short. If you try to compare the movie with the book you will find a huge difference between them. We have read the book and seen the movie it was great. Although I most likely prefer to see the movie than reading but I have to admit that the book was way more informative and understandable. If you compare them they would only have the right types of people, correct things which happened like when Johnny broke the Sabbath day and burned his hand and more. It is kind of hard to compare the book and the movie. It is simple to contrast them both. The movie didn’t have the two apprentices Dove and Dusty, they didn’t show dove giving Johnny a cracked crucible, they didn’t also show Mrs. Lavinia Lyte, and in the book they said that they arrested Johnny in front of a huge amount of people at Mr. Lyte’s area. In addition in the book the described Rab as a boy with Dark Black Skin but in the movie his color was white. There are a lot more differences and are hard to name but the idea is that books are more informative then the movies.By: Adnan Hussaini     

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What Am I

Character: Rab

I am a true warrior and a citizen

I wonder why the British is dumb to fight us

I hear voices of our victory

I see their defeat

I want an immense amount of muskets

I am a true warrior and a citizen

I enjoy watching them expire (die)

I feel as if I am on top of U.S

I believe our victory is essential

I worry that Johnny marries Cilla

I cry for Johnny’s dreadful habits to get Cilla

I am true warrior and a citizen

I understand I am a professional

I say the British are ants for us

I dream for a huge accommodation to live in

I try to keep Johnny away from Cilla

I hope to marry her tomorrow

I am a true warrior and a citizen

By: Adnan Hussaini

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Saratoga’s turning Point

Saratoga’s turning point at the battle was surprising. After the battle the British focused more of their efforts on southern colonies. There campaign was lead by General Henry Clinton. They also let go salves that joined with southern colonists and were adjusted well. The British were also getting help from the slaves so the can attack the patriots. A slave named Quamino Dolly showed the British a secret trail to the port city of Savannah. This made there job easier to attack in the nearby easy and give the enemy a great surprise!   

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The Second Continental Congress


This Picture shows the second continental congress. The Delegates are talking to each other about how to react to the attack at Phelidephia

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Advice from Johnny Termain

Never ever skip or trust an enemy of yours. I Johnny had skipped the most important day of the week to finish a piece of art for a very famous person in Boston. The kids I was working with were sort of my enemies. I asked one of the boys to pass him a crucible but instead he passed him an old cracked crucible which was high on the shelf. Johnny worked with it when suddenly the crucible broke and it all came on Johnny’s hand. Then I was given medical by the old women from the town who new a lot. But his hands turned out to be crumbled like a fist and which can never be used and opened. Now my consequence is that I am fired and I have to go find a new job because I am worthless. My owners have given out any hope from me and I have to leave. This is now a big pain in the butt. Now every event has a moral like this one Never trust your enemies and never skip a holy day!  By: Adnan Hussaini

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American History Reflection

        In 1770 to 1774 life for me was like hell. The British Rulers were very mean and rude. They took over our markets and our money. We were assigned jobs and we had to pay tax on everything we bought. It was very embracing moment. I was really tired. No one in the colony was not having a nice time. They also were having a hard time paying for the taxes. Poor people were not able to even afford for food. The worst part is when the slaves are not treated well. They have to sleep late and the wake up first thing in the morning. They are missing on there beauty sleep which is very important to me. I consist for help. I don’t like the British Ruler and I want to change all this.    

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